Bridge a Gap’s vision for business is to succeed in harnessing the creativity and innovation of talented people, who are empowered to achieve both organisational and personal goals, whilst striving for business excellence and maintaining a healthy work life balance. We promote a model of world-class leadership which supports a growth mindset focused on the persistent eagerness to learn collaboratively within a culture of continuous improvement. The positive effect of this is an increase in the level of individual and team performance, increased focus on quality, and added value for the customer.

Scotland's Economic Strategy

This is supported by the Scottish Government's Economic Strategy which sets out a vision for Scotland to be a more productive, cohesive and fairer society that prospers by integrating four key themes (4 ‘I’s Strategy):

1. Investing in our people and our infrastructure in a sustainable way
2. Fostering a culture of innovation and research and development
3. Promoting inclusive growth and creating opportunity through a fair and inclusive jobs market, and regional cohesion
4. Promoting Scotland on the international stage to boost our trade and investment, influence and networks

Our commitment to driving business excellence

Our goal is to support your organisation in developing strong dynamic capabilities, within the context of a stable organisation, to improve the agility of your company, in order to adapt to rapid change on a global scale.

Our accelerated development workshops will examine current trends and engine drivers for business growth that include having an inspiring purpose; creating innovative new business models; having a compelling brand story; refocusing growth strategies around existing or new market opportunities; developing collaborative networks and creating a value proposition that solves problems for customers

Key themes to pursuing excellence and improvement

To build Scotland’s manufacturing potential we need to develop our talented people and encourage internationalisation as highlighted in Scotland’s Manufacturing Action Plan. This is a key document in an easy to read summarised action plan version which highlights the 8 main areas to focus:

  1. Leadership
  2. Skills
  3. The Circular Economy
  4. Energy efficiency and decarbonisation
  5. Competitive infrastructure
  6. Investment in SMART manufacturing
  7. Supply chain capability
  8. Technology and innovation

To help strengthen capabilities in the manufacturing sector, we will promote an open, collaborative approach to sharing business challenges and creating solutions to support the innovation process whilst drawing on insights from role models in global business, universities and innovation centres.

Our commitment to pursuing business excellence prioritises the wellbeing of people in the workplace and added value for the customer. This is reinforced through a suite of tools and meaningful strategies introduced by our well-respected, expert speakers which are aimed at managing change in a culture of continuous improvement. Specifically, this would include effective execution of persistent leadership, organisational and team readiness to real change management, an understanding of what should be measured, better decision making through real time data and the ability to focus on doing fewer things better.

Our commitment to building a more prosperous and fairer Scotland

  • Bridge a Gap provides a platform for cross-sector networks to collaborate using a focused approach that promotes a culture of excellence and improvement as standard within Scotland’s businesses
  • Our goal is not only to improve individual company performance, but to play our part in making Scotland a more attractive and prosperous place to do business at a local, national and international level
  • We would like to connect with companies which are committed to driving excellence and continuous improvement at the core of their organisation - companies which can demonstrate world class performance as a role model to others and who wish to drive these qualities in abundance
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