Leadership – be the best boss you can

One of the most important skills a leader needs is to be able to think strategically. After all, leadership is all about having a vision of where you want to be and working to achieve that vision.

Another crucial area is for leaders to have the right skillset to lead people, for without followers, there are no leaders. Effective skills are needed to harness the creativity and innovation of talented people who are empowered to achieve both organisational and personal goals, whilst striving for business excellence and a healthy work life balance.

Reflecting on our style of leadership

A good place to start improving our style of leadership is by reflecting on the behaviours shown by the best boss you ever had.
  • Do you remember how that good boss made you feel?
  • Now think of the worst boss you ever had. Do you remember how that bad boss made you feel?
  • Which boss did you admire the most and which boss brought out the best in you?
  • Aim to practice the motivational strategies shown by your good boss to help you be the best boss you can be.
Here are 10 helpful tips to set an example of outstanding leadership:
  1. Clarify organisational values and affirm shared ideals
  2. Set the lead example by aligning actions with shared values
  3. Inspire employees with a shared vision of an exciting future with great possibilities
  4. Create a common vision by enlisting the support of others with shared aspirations
  5. Be prepared to challenge the status quo by searching for innovative ways to improve
  6. Experiment by taking risks, learn from experience and generate milestone wins
  7. Foster a culture of collaboration by building trust and facilitating relationships
  8. Empower others to act by strengthening their resolve through self-determination and developing competencies
  9. Encourage people by showing appreciation for individual contributions and excellence
  10. Celebrate the success linking this back to company values
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