Scotland’s transition to a low carbon future

The Scottish Government’s 2017 Draft Scottish Energy Strategy - The Future of Energy in Scotland shares Scotland’s vision to meet ambitious Climate Change targets of almost 100% decarbonisation of the energy system by 2050 with 50% of all energy consumed to be delivered from renewable sources by 2030. The 2050 vision paints a picture wherein,
~ Scotland is a world leader in renewable and low carbon technologies with collaboration and innovation at the heart of the energy industry.

~ Technology solutions in oil and gas include large scale carbon capture and storage, and excellence in subsea engineering plays a crucial role in decarbonising Scotland’s energy system and our industrial processes.

~ Scotland’s communities will benefit from low carbon heat networks, smart grid technology and battery storage to integrate distributed energy sources and demand management services.
Currently Scotland generates over half of its electricity from renewables as noted in key facts below:
  • 75% of total energy consumption supplied by oil and gas 
  • 79% of primary heating is from gas 
  • 59.4% of electricity consumption is met by renewables 
  • Community energy generation for electricity and heat has increased by 400% since 2011 with almost 600 mw of operational capacity

Exploring new opportunities

The need to transform Scotland’s energy system to tackle climate change has the potential to bring new economic, environmental and social opportunities to businesses and communities.
Significant advances in technology combined with 40 years’ expertise gained in the North Sea demonstrate that Scotland's existing hydrocarbon industries are well placed to capitalise on the engineering and innovation challenges posed by the low carbon transition.

Our expanding offshore wind supply chain is an example of established expertise capitalising on the significant investment in port and harbour infrastructure at Nigg, Cromarty Firth and Inverness to support inward investment and supply chain development.

We can help

Scotland needs a smart, flexible energy system which will deliver security of supply, affordability to consumers and a low carbon economy.
  • Bridge a Gap is well positioned to support the supply chain by showcasing burgeoning areas of activity such as oil and gas decommissioning, offshore wind energy, energy system management and marine renewables.
  • Our experience of working in the energy industry means we have access to an extensive network in oil & gas, renewable energy, low carbon and smart grid technology sectors.
  • Our existing knowledge of renewable energy, distributed generation and smart grid sectors underpins our passion for supporting Scotland’s targets to decarbonise heat, electricity and transportation.
  • To that end, we will promote opportunities to capitalise on new emerging opportunities with energy systems integration, smart grid technology, energy efficiency, low carbon heat, hydrogen production and Ultra Low Electric Vehicles
Key facts about Scotland's energy consumption:

  • 53% of Scotland's energy is used to provide heat to buildings and industry
  • 22% of Scotland's energy is used to provide electricity to buildings and industry
  • 25% of Scotland's energy is used in transport

Our commitment to accelerating Scotland’s low carbon future

Our pledge at Bridge a Gap is to:

Enable connections between operators, developers and the supply chain through our Meet the Buyer events, accelerated development workshops and industry conferences to be hosted in the North of Scotland to,

  • Promote existing and new market opportunities for a low carbon economy on a local, national and international scale
  • Create a vibrant environment for collaboration, innovation and investment to thrive
  • Raise the standard of productivity and business excellence to compete with world-class organisations by showcasing exemplar models of cross-sector collaboration
  • Increase awareness of the effects of climate change and the need for efficient use of energy and raw materials in industry and manufacturing
Our interest lies in hearing from key partners who wish to pursue these collaborative opportunities.

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