Our Environment

Our passion for the environment supports a model of sustainability as we champion Scotland’s vision to mitigate climate change, accelerate the transition to a low carbon future and embrace the circular economy to protect our planet and its natural resources against a ‘make-use-dispose’ society.

Valuing our Environment

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) 2016 report Valuing our Environment explains that the natural environment is one of Scotland’s greatest assets, making a major contribution to economic growth and our quality of life.
• 11% of total economic output is dependent on the natural environment worth £17 billion p.a.

• This supports 242,000 full-time jobs (14% of all fulltime Scottish jobs)

• 1/5 of industry sectors dependent significantly on the environment including agriculture, fishing and forestry but also food and drink production, water supply, renewable energy, tourism, timber processing and recreation

• It is key that we promote the sustainable use of Scotland’s natural resources over time in our processes without having negative impacts

But the importance of the environment cannot be counted in economic terms alone. Our environment provides a wide range of benefits, such as the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink, as well as the many materials needed in our homes, at work and for leisure activities. The environment can also provide enjoyment, inspiration and a place to socialise that improves our health and wellbeing.

World Environment Day

Connecting people to nature is the theme of this year’s World Environment Day in June. It involves encouraging people to get outdoors to really appreciate the beauty of our planet in an attempt to show people the importance of protecting it for future generations. This might involve going for a walk, taking your shoes off in the grass, going to the park with the kids, planting a tree or going for a swim in a loch.
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