About Us

Who we are

The purpose of Bridge a Gap is to build rapport with people who are passionate about driving business excellence to the very core of their organisation. Our values are at the heart of our culture, guiding collaborative and innovative behaviours as evidenced by our curiosity for doing familiar things in new ways.

We are committed to accelerating a culture shift in the way people connect with one another and experience their day-to-day working lives, advocating a holistic approach to a more fulfilling work / life balance. 

Our passion for the environment supports a model of sustainability as we champion Scotland’s vision of a low carbon future and embrace the circular economy to protect the planet.

What we do

Our unique collaborative approach to connecting people promotes the building of networks and communities of practice where people are committed to finding innovative solutions for common challenges.
We use this methodology at our accelerated improvement workshops and development days to build a high-trust environment where people learn from one another by sharing experiences of lessons learned and best practice.
This is a powerful tool designed to inspire companies to raise their standard of excellence, gain deeper employee engagement and create a happier and healthier workplace that is more prosperous. A place where we can truly thrive and not just survive.

How We Do It

We’re a peer-to-peer platform that invests in expert resources, collaborative training and builds cross sector networks to help businesses achieve excellence and improvement.

Our flexible pay-as-you-go model offers value for money and the freedom to pick and choose from a wide choice of topics that are both relevant and beneficial to the development of your people and support the growth of your company.

We welcome a collaborative approach to the co-design of our accelerated innovation workshops and development days to encourage businesses to think differently about their people, our environment and the culture of their organisation.

We endeavour to understand our customers’ needs and meet their expectations by differentiating ourselves through a VIP customer experience

Our Mission

The purpose of Bridge a Gap is to build rapport with people who are committed to driving business excellence, employee wellbeing and sustainability at the core of their organisation. We exist to help you bridge gaps between where you are now and where you want to be in the future to achieve your goals.

Our Values

Our values are the heart of our company and vital to the core of our purpose. They show how much we care about the wellbeing of people, endeavour to safeguard our planet and promote the growth drivers needed for a successful Scottish economy where our communities can thrive.

Our BRIDGE Values are also an ACRONYM that drives our mission.

B     Balance     Having a work/life balance that prioritises our wellbeing is key to improving our capacity for leadership, creative thinking and decision making, while increasing our productivity and avoiding the stress of burnout. Each day we schedule time in our diary for creativity and ensure we connect with people and the environment at a deeper level.
R     Reflection     Probably the single most important core competency we need to work on is developing Self-Reflective Awareness. It is central to the identity and the culture of our organisation and fundamental to developing emotional intelligence. Having the ability to recognise your own emotions at any given time and the effect they have on you and other people is key to becoming a good leader and team player
I      Innovation     Building a strong culture of innovation where people have time for creative thinking, ingenuity and curiosity are valued is a key driver to growth and competitiveness. Our cross-sector collaboration platform is designed to stimulate conversation which embraces failure and encourages risk to create change.
D      Diversity     Diversity is incredibly important to add value in the workplace and contributes to the engagement and well-being of people. It goes hand in hand with collaboration which brings together people from different cultures and industry backgrounds to share a range of perspectives capable of inspiring transformative change in organisations.
G      Growth      Our core values and company culture are fundamental to our long-term sustainability and future growth. They gave us purpose and guidance to make the right decisions for our customers. We are mindful of the stability and consistency of our processes to ensure continued scalability while exploring our curiosity for innovative new ideas.
E      Empathy     We are motivated by a deep sense of justice for all humankind and the need to fight for the rights of others. This belief underpins the empathy and compassion we feel when listening to other peoples’ problems and challenges, driving us to think of solutions. It links to our fundamental purpose to build rapport with other people-centric organisations to help everyone to learn how to thrive and not just survive.

Our Story

Our purpose in life centres around making the greatest difference we can by doing something we care passionately about.

In life, each one of us is influenced by things that mould us into the people we are. A lot of what we experience in our childhood years, including the way we are nurtured, influences how we turn out as adults.

Helena is an optimist. She believes in making the world a better place.

Raised on the Isle of Lewis, Helena moved to Inverness in 1986 where after more than 20 years in local government finance, she made a conscious decision to change her life and invest in a better future. Undergoing a journey of self-awareness through her MBA, she was inspired by her peers from different cultural backgrounds and industry sectors. Her core values that surfaced around that time underpin much of her behaviour and actions today.
Empowering People - Helena’s fundamental purpose centres around her passion to help people discover their true selves by being empowered through learning. She loves meeting people and connecting with them at a deeper level.

Caring for the Planet - Her passion for the environment extends beyond enjoying the outdoors as she aims to accelerate the transition to a low carbon and circular economy to ensure the sustainability of our planet.

Business Excellence - She cares deeply about helping people to lead a more fulfilling work / life balance and driving business excellence, innovation and collaboration at the very heart of organisational culture.

Influencers - Helena is primarily influenced by strong, passionate women who stand up for what they believe. Great women such as Emmeline Pankhurst (Suffragette), Erin Brockovich (Environmental Activist), Michelle Obama (Former First Lady) and Arianna Huffington (CEO Thrive Global) who devote their lives to creating a more just society for humankind, caring for the planet or building successful businesses that change the world.

‘The education and empowerment of women throughout the world cannot fail to result in a more caring, tolerant, just and peaceful life for everyone’ ~ Aung San Suu Kyi

Drawing on the successes and failures in life, Helena uses her key strengths, knowledge and skills to bring people together in a collaborative environment to inspire innovative solutions that solve problems at a local, national and global level.
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Email: Helena@bridgeagap.co.uk
Tel: 07825508945
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